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As we can imagine that you’ve got a lot of questions concerning renting a house. We already provide you here with some information.If you have other questions of course you can always contact us.


  • Studio – Living and sleeping areas are not separated. Apartment – A set of rooms on one floor with separate living and sleeping areas. Separate from adjacent quarters, but sharing a common outside entrance.
  • Maisonette – An aparment over 2 levels.
  • Row house – One in a string of houses i.e. terraced house Drive-in house A built-in garage is an integral part of the ground floor, with living quarters on the first floor, and bedrooms on the top floor.
  • Corner house – A house at the corner of a street.
  • Semi-detached – One of two houses under one roof.
  • Free standing – A detached – separate house (standing alone).
  • Villa – An up-market detached house.
  • Bungalow  – a house all on one level.
  • Boat – A houseboat used as a living accommodation.


    For rental purposes, properties are described by the number of bedrooms, this being indicative of the number of people which it can comfortably sleep.


    There are three general conditions in which a property is rented.

  • Fully furnished (“Gemeubileerd”) :this means in principle that you should be able to bring only your toothbrush and clothing and start living in the property
  • Partly furnished (“Gestoffeerd”) : this means that the property is equipped with a floor covering, curtains or other window covering, and that there are laundry facilities such as washer and dryer.
  • Empty (“Kaal”) : this literally means the property comes with a concrete floor and no curtains or laundry facilities installed. You do always get a fitted bathroom and kitchen. This type of property can be interesting if you are planning to stay a number of years and so are willing to invest in carpet or laminate and some curtains. The prices of such properties are commonly lower and they tend to be found in modern complexes, for instance in the new docklands neighbourhoods of Amsterdam.

Kitchens are normally fully fitted, in comparison for instance with Germany where you commonly bring your own kitchen with you.


    Rental4you works on the basis of ‘no cure, no pay’.  Once a deal has been successfully made to get you the home you want, our Homesearch fee is equivalent to one month’s rent.


    When the negotiations are successful,a letter of intent and draft contract will be drawn up. This document serves as the confirmation of your ‘Yes’ and to check if all your details are correct for drawing up the tenancy agreement. Once the contract has been made up, it will be sent to you together with the invoice. After signing and payment a date for the check-in will be arranged.The tenancy agreement and the General Conditions will be drawn up in the Dutch language- this constitutes the legal contract. We will provide you with a legally certified English translation to assist you. The tenancy agreement will describe the conditions of the rental such as state, time period and price. The General Conditions are the fixed part of the agreement and describe the legal commitments of both tenant and landlord. Any specific individual arrangement will be included by the addition of special clauses.


    Most landlords ask for in principle 2 month’s rent as a deposit, which is payable along with the first month’s rent before the keys will be handed over. Depending on the size and condition of the property though, this may be able to be negotiated down by the agent who represents you.


    Once the tenancy agreement has been signed and the invoice paid, a date and time can be arranged for the check-in. On the pre-arranged date when your property is delivered to you Rental4you will be present to assist you for the official check-in, along with the other agent and sometimes the owner. A delivery report will be drawn up and photos taken of the whole property. This process usually takes just under an hour. It is advised that you are present for the delivery; however if for any reason you are not able to make it, for instance because of travel, then Rental4you will be glad to take care of it for you. The responsibility of the property will be handed over when you will receive the keys. The owner will check the inventory list with you and give you necessary information for the general maintenance and appliances. With the assistance of Rental4you an Inspection report will be drawn up describing the condition at the time of the check-in of your new home. To take the pressure off the moment, the VVA tenancy agreement allows a three week period to report any defects not found when the Inspection was made.


    Rental4you can help you with the registration for gas, water and electricity as soon as we have checked you in to your new home. We take the meter readings and use these to register you. You will not have to wait for the utilities to be connected; they will already be connected and as you wish we transfer the account to your name.


    These are in addition to your rental and utility costs and are charged by the local municipality for the use of the property and services such as garbage collection and taxes on the water supply. This amount varies according to municipality.


              It is normal that you use the same company for both TV and Internet, and also for your home telephone ‘landline’ should you require this. Which company this is depends on the location of the property. It will be either UPC (


              ), KPN (


              ) or Ziggo (



All properties will have the possibility of fast broadband internet and digital television, and the suppliers all have different options depending on the speed internet you require and the number of TV channels.


                            In the Netherlands the law states that the owner is obliged to have in place a maintenance contract with a company for the central heating boiler if the property has it’s own. Once a year this maintenance company will make an appointment to come and thoroughly check the system, and the costs for this visit are for the landlord. Likewise should the property have an open fireplace, whether this is used or not it needs an annual cleaning and this is also for the account of the landlord.


                              On termination of the lease, after everything belonging to you has been removed and the house handed over in the required clean and proper state, a check-out can take place. All keys are then handed back to the landlord and a delivery report can be drawn up. In the

Delivery Report 

                            is specified which damages will be repaired by which party, what possible costs are to be settled against the deposit and when and into which account the deposit will be paid back.